Sunday, April 4, 2010


dear my gurl....
  • please be strong enough ok..
  • just remember i always besides u..
  • just search when u need me..i always there for you..
  • fyi i do love care bout you..
  • my bff forever just take care..
  • if one day i left this world just remember you is a part of my life..something tht very valuable for me..
  • i do miss u lot now..
  • i really need you...but for the bright future we r apart..
  • go chaiyok2 ganbate for final exam.....
  • remember if we face problems just remember GOD always besides us..
  • pray pray pray..never give up..
  • something tht happeng must be a reason..
p's : i'm totally miss u damn much ..sharing caring n lovig as bestfriends each one can replace u..


wa said...

she is the one n only my dhabitah! sekian.

DHABITAH said...

love u beb,,
ko kwn ak dunia akhrt weh..

jun pyo said...

so sweet :D