Saturday, February 27, 2010

love story

yesterday was a last day for aika n sounds sad..

then who wonder kerang ask aika for lunch with farid...
i did not go because of my duty as a student to attend class..

then it's about 4.30,suddenly white MyVi stop front of me at acADEmic lobby..

aika n kerang inside the car..
then kerang fetch me n aika to sri ayu...otw to the kptm gate suddenly kerang saw his friend..
salted fish..

then salted ask kerang to send him to cimb bank..

kerang: 'bro ,nk g mane?
salted:ak nk kne bank in dui..mak dah bising..
kerang :jom !TP KO kne duk belakang..hehe

then we going to section7
on the journey..
kerang's car rn of petrol..

kerang : shit!minyak nk abis..bro ak tuang minyak dulu k?pape text ak..
salted:bro ak xde kdit doe..

after a little discussion they decide to ask accompany salted since i have prepaid..
inside my heart..oh GOD u know how much i adored salted..shit this is an opportunity..but i am a

we wait 4 kerang n aika....
suddenly..salted talk to me..

salted : u know what always see u at college..u the one who take part in debate last sem rite?
me : yes.

salted : u also always go to lecturer building ..actully..i like u..
me: huh?'wordless'

then kerang n aika arrived..we went to sri ayu..inside the car i become so silent..same as salted.oo suddenly,

salted :CAN I have your number?
me : i dont hav hp...errr.err.err..
salted:but just now u used the hp?

then i felt asleep inside the car..until arrived at sri ayu..
then ...
salted :thanks for accompay me at bank..

then i left them before i said thanks to kerang since he is busy talking with aika..

at night..

me :shit..apesal no ni asik miscall2?tampar baru taw..
aika: kol la tnye sape..
me: ok..

after i called te number i find out the person is salted..e took my number frm my hp when i sleep inside the car..
time goes by..finally we become friends..........

nota kaki : this is fantasy story between me n aika while we r doing assignment ...i love to hear aika's fantasy story..
thanks aika for cheer me up last nite..i'm getting better babe...

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welcome bebei :P