Friday, March 19, 2010


hey u olls..lame x update blog e...haha..busy gile la minggu ni..ok as the title zero!

  • semakin kite suke semakin susah kita nk dapat..but once we try to forget the best moment will appear aggressively..
  • hell sgt benci perasaan macam tu..
  • bila kita nk die die bile kite dh blaja tuk melepaskan die dtg..
  • why eh?confius!
  • well i keep always seen this happen plus it happen to me..whatever it is life must go on..
  • so i do think to stick dont try to forget u coz it will hurt me more...let go eith the ar it can go....
  • kdg2 kite kata dh zero tp hakikatnya?100 percent masih ade...

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